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What is Black November

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“Black November” is a term coined by various retailers that offer Black Friday deals as early as Nov. 1 for consumers wanting to get a head start on their holiday shopping agen poker resmi. Rather than limiting these sales to one day, these retailers offer deals throughout the month.

Retailers can meet this demand by offering special deals – both online and in-store – on key holiday gifts, such as toys, electronics and apparel. Especially this year, with most stores operating at limited capacity and many consumers doing their shopping online, businesses need to meet their customers where they are. This will likely mean upping your cleansing game at your brick-and-mortar store to accommodate the influx of shoppers and offering special deals online for those who aren’t comfortable exposing themselves in person.

Key takeaway: Many businesses run sales through the entire month of November. In 2020, it’s especially important to keep your in-store customers safe and to offer discounts online for cyber-shoppers.

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